Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

Being a blogger (a lazy one) I get the opportunity to write my feelings and my thoughts. Anyone who is reading this blog, I want you to think carefully. Are you a person who think objectively or subjectively. One thing I realized is that it difficult to be an objective person especially when people talked about your close friends and family, we tend to think subjectively. But is this the best way to make decisions. Before making decision it is always better to get two sides of the story.

If you try to think objectively you may not like the outcome of your decision(it sure is difficult). Because you think carefully before making any decision. When people think in a subjective way emotions tend to come in the way. I am not perfect but I always try to think objectively so that I can be fair to people.

We mizo's (as I dont know too much about other cultures) tend to think subjectively. I have gone through lots of hurdles. I have been 'sexually assaulted' on March 20th, 2010 and I made it public in my society. Because being sexually assaulted no matter how small it is, it is very emotional. Only people who go through it can tell you. And every person is different and every experience is different. I go through counselling and I am still in counselling, seeing a therapist every week since it happened. Instead of blaming the person who did wrong, I am blamed and people focused on the subjective part. Is this fair?

People tend to focus on the subjective part i.e my life what I do etc, I am not perfect. Should the focus should be on the incident that happen, and who is the victim. I dont mind people not supporting me because that is their decision.

I am thankful and will always remember forever the people who supported while I go through this issue. You all know who you are and thank you. It made me closer to you in my heart.

There is always a result which come out of a situation. People may think Im a loser but I am not. Because I spoke the truth bravely and I let the community knew what happen. I will survive and I did survive. The only thing which disturb me till today is our close knit mizo community has a society called "Mizo Society of America", I reported the incident. Instead of protecting the society and thinking objectively for the better good of the society, they just ask me to forgive the person. If anything happen to your own flesh and blood will you expect your community society i/c to react like this? I wonder if there is a rape in the society MSA may ask the victim to keep quiet, not to report to the police. Since it will be a shame for the society.
Please think carefully before you make any decisions, try have more objective so that you can make a better decision and be a better person. Subjective thinking tends to cloud peoples judgement.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Whole new experience

As I continued my journey to be a nurse, this semester I'm taking pediatric. The clinical requirement is in Pediatric. Fortunately today I observe a very good doctor (one of the best in America) Dr. Jonas performing an "open heart surgery" on a 2month old baby. It made me wonder how technology has improved. If it has been somewhere this baby may not live or will live with a heart defect all through his childhood. We will never know.

It makes me wonder how we can change people life. You may not be a doctor or a nurse but whoever you are, do you ever wonder how you can a difference in someone elses life?

In America babies have more chances to live due to the improvement in technology and the experiences the doctors has. If it is in another country what chances does this baby has?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Will be updating regularly from now on

The title says it. I will certainly try to update regulary (meaning once a month atleast), My life has gone through a lot (all the ups and downs) and I would like to share it with you. For those who might get an inspiration from it. I certainly would hope so.

All I can say for now is "Try try again, until you succeed"