Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sweet Old Memories~~~~

Hi friends,

Must be surprise anyway as the years goes by I've come across lots of people and make new friends like you and I've had friends who are there with me for a long long time. I will tell you all my old stories little bit.

As I've told you Sangsangi she is with me since childhood and than we've come along way when we reach highschool we have some new friends and whom we have been sticking with them till this years. In highschool we call our group DA THAMZZZ...____ and we always say that we will be together and that is true though Im never there to experience it but all my friends who are in Aizawl always stick together when it is a time for sorrow or JOY. Im really proud of you guys. When we finish high school we all go in our separate ways and we used to write letter to each other and at the back of the envelope we used to write DA THAMZZZ..._ _ _ so that we will know that it comes from one of our group.

And one time we have a get together we all chip in guess how much Rs.20/- and everyone has to bring 1 potato and 1 cup of rice each and one can bring one too. Can you belive that and we have to take the PORK in credit from U Ruati as well and we pay her later. Those are old sweet memories. the funniest part was after finishing dinner we warm the pork to preserve it but we forget that we have a dish burning in the gas so it was all burnt out.

THe reason was we were busy taking pictures all of usssssssssssss

Aint it funny????

Childhood friend getting married.....

Hi dear friends, I just wanted to let you all know that My childhood friend is getting married in Aizawl. Im so happy for her, I never even think about it but now I realize how close we were we have been studying together and stay close together since KG and go to the same school till Class X. I know Im going to miss her but anyway she will always be there for me. Her name is Sangsangi (K. ZOthansangi D/O. Dr.K. Zoramthanga (L) ).

And another of my best friend he is getting married tooooo !!! Congrats Davy Lalnunthara.

And another one from my High School group Tepuii getting married to our dear friend too David Lalmuanpuia aka Mapuia, Im so happy for them too. Cheers DA THAMZZZZ...._____

Never knew I will be doing this........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, I've started my class for the CNA i.e, Certified Nursing Assistant. My classes are on Mondays and Wednesday from 1800hrs to 2200hrs @nite. Boy I have to drive myself all the way from Silver Spring to Gaithersburg but its a good experience I really enjoyed. And my classmates most of us are from another country so its really interesting.

I have never thought that I will be studying again like this its really interesting I really enjoyed it, right now we just started so basically its only about the book havent done any practical so I will keep you all posted about my experience in the nursing field.

In the driving field, never knew that it will not be fun like this, but now I know I guess if you see me next year I will start having white hair all over especially on my head. Gosh its really tough t o drive. My pulse rate zooms up sooooooo high. Poor me.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Driving in America

My dear friends, you will be surprise I've started driving on my own. Guess what driving is not such an easy thing you need to focus sooooooo much its really challenging. Yesterday I took only a good 2 hours to reach Gaithersburg from Silver Spring!!!!!!!!!!!. And was confused with North and South too, yesterday I realize the importance of the road signs and route too like 355 North and South.OOOppppppssss

HOpe I will improved more, I dont know I will keep you posted

Thanks for the comments, and GUYzzzzzz if you have any driving experience like me pls do share.

After a long hour drive I need to take a Tylenol atleast 2 LOL!!!!! if this is going to happen all the time I dont know how many tylenol Im going to take.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Welcome to my WORLD!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for taking out your precious time to visit me. I will try to fill you up with all the exiciting and adventurous things I've been doing. Unfortunately I will not be able to put up some more pictures from my stay in other countries for a while. Hold up your breath!!!!!!!!!!.

The most hilarious pic so far is the one in the roller coaster.... Gosh I dont think I will never ever sit in that thing again......

Ka thian duhtak, i hun hlutak senga i rawn len luh avangin ka lawm tak zet zet ani. Ka zinkawng thui tak leh zau tak hi i lo thlir ve thin dawn nia, thlalak duh angin ka la dahkim thei lo a, engpawhnise a awm ang ang hi han thlir la enge i ngaihdan te pawh i la rawn sawi ve dawn nia.

(PS : Friends if you dont understand this is my own Language aka Mizo)

Ka lawm e,