Friday, November 05, 2010

Whole new experience

As I continued my journey to be a nurse, this semester I'm taking pediatric. The clinical requirement is in Pediatric. Fortunately today I observe a very good doctor (one of the best in America) Dr. Jonas performing an "open heart surgery" on a 2month old baby. It made me wonder how technology has improved. If it has been somewhere this baby may not live or will live with a heart defect all through his childhood. We will never know.

It makes me wonder how we can change people life. You may not be a doctor or a nurse but whoever you are, do you ever wonder how you can a difference in someone elses life?

In America babies have more chances to live due to the improvement in technology and the experiences the doctors has. If it is in another country what chances does this baby has?


Zara Ralte / Lalzarzoa said...

Good to hear Zoremi the medico,all the best!

Gabriel Zoremi said...

Thank you Azar, all the best to you too