Sunday, November 02, 2008

I don't really what to write....

Hi to everyone, who used to visit my blog. Thanks to all of you. There are lots of reasons I did not update my blog for along long time. Anyway one of the main reason is I'm too lazy and I always make excuse not to update my blog. This year lots of things happen to me, one of the main one is my studies. It is not easy to study again after a long gap. I'm trying hard to make sure that I'm on top of my studies. But it is not easy.

Well this blog is apart of my lifestory and I will try to keep updated more often.

During summer I had a garden which I will share with you, travel on a learjet for the first time which is awesome. And I dont know what else,lots of things happened.

Just finish celebrating Halloween, this year no costume for me (as if I ever had one) went out with friends and we just sat in Fox & Hounds and had a great time watching people wearing costumes.

Seems like I found lots of things to write eventually, I hate writing.............

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