Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tasting the high life...

As I've mentioned earlier, one of the memorable moment in my life this year is traveling on a learjet to NYC. I wanted to share with you all, and I hope you all enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I had fun experiencing this new world.

Once again, it was so much fun, the plane was a small with only 8 seats. If you are like me, when I travel I hate the fact that we cannot use cell phone need to turn off, and wearing seatbelt. Well in this plane, neither did I turn off my cell phone nor I wear a seat belt. hahaha!!!!

And I took a picture with the plane as well.

I hope my pictures will enlighten your perspective of how a private jet will look like.

It was awesome I don't mind being spoiled at all. Not at all

In this jet there was one celebrity who just traveled and we were the next one. Great one you might have known Pink (the singer) she was the one, who travelled in this jet just before us.

Right here, on the left you can see Michael helping me to sit on the wing of the plane :-)

And here I am posing for some photo shoot

This is the lobby for the private jets.

The best part was there was no security, no luggage check in before hand, just park your car in the parking lot not public (they have their own parking for private jets). Then we walk in to the lobby and then just walk out to board the plane. Life is easy and simple. :-)

Thanks for reading my boring journal

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